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Steel Mace: Susano'o Flow


The Susano'o Flow:

  1. Begin in seiza (kneeling position).
  2. Step forward with your left foot and 360 the mace with your right hand.
  3. Step up and out into a lateral lunge and apply a rip activation.
  4. Inside 360 coming to rest on your shoulders (draw hand away for a soft landing).
  5. Drop 360 and return to lateral lunge applying the rip activation again.
  6. Step across and behind into a dragon lunge with an archer.
  7. Step up then drop into a switch squat, hit a crush activation.
  8. Reverse lunge with your left knee down and execute a left hand 360, beginning the pattern again on the opposite side.

Work hard but within your limits and most importantly have fun when you workout.

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