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COMS Steel Mace
COMS Steel Mace
COMS Steel Mace
COMS Steel Mace
COMS Steel Mace
COMS Steel Mace
COMS Steel Mace

COMS Steel Mace

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Swinging Steel the Traditional Way

Our COMS Steel Mace's (aka. Macebell's) are crafted with knurled forged steel handles, welded onto a weighted steel head. 

All maces are layered with a protective coat of matte black paint. 

The knurling on the maces are gentle (not aggressive), providing assisted grip, but also allowing for easy sliding of your hands along the handle. See the up close image provided for reference.

Available in a range of weight sizes, including: 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, and 20kg. You can see dimension specifications for each mace on their associated pictures.

What can I do with a Steel Mace?

Much like any simple piece of fitness equipment, the applications are only really limited by your coordination and creativity. That said, starting the Mace can be challenging and it's best to master the basics before moving onto more complex movements.

Crush, Rip, & Snap movements are the best start point which you can see in the video above, but otherwise just take a look through our Library of Steel Mace movements and find what you enjoy!  

How strong are they? 

The Com's Steel Mace is as strong as steel... because it is steel.
So swing it around, hit things with it - go for your life, it ain't breaking before you are... within the normal range of fitness activities. Steel can still be bent by leverage and other actions, it is NOT A CROWBAR so don't expect it to be.

What size should I start with?

Our general recommendation is that everyone first starting their Steel Mace training should begin with the 5kg macebell. The 5kg Mace also has a smaller diameter handle, making for easier handling to master the movements and develop grip strength.

Some of you already strength trained folk may view that as "lightweight", however you will be surprised! Offset load's both give the effect of more force (feels heavier than it is) and are harder to control. The movements with the steel mace can be complicated, require complex coordination and recruitment of muscles you have not yet used much of.
So again, start with the 5kg, master your movements, and then consider moving up the weight to your desired challenge from there.


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